Development And Systems Integration

Our Development & Integration methodology provides a scalable blueprint for the delivery of cost-effective integration, development, and maintenance solutions for our clients. Engagements can be structured on a time-and-materials basis or as fixed-cost bids. Work can be performed at the client site or at Pegasus Knowledge Solutions facilities.

The methodology is used to deliver engagement-based technology solutions in the following manageable phases


Existing process workflows, tools, hardware, and software infrastructure are inventoried; the client’s business requirements are assessed, and a gap analysis is performed.


A working prototype enables the client to work with the critical aspects of the proposed solution and provides valuable feedback to Pegasus Knowledge Solutions in creating the technical architecture.

Architecture Specification:

Specifies the process workflows, tools, customizations and integrations, new development, and hardware and software infrastructure required to implement the proposed solution.


Mid-point checks of the development/integration process to ensure that the teams are on the right track in terms of the output expected from the project. Feedback can be incorporated at a lesser impact rather than later in the process

Implementation and Deployment:

The work of developing, testing, and installing the system in a production environment is completed. Knowledge Transfer: The client staff is trained and mentored in the use of the new solution, and comprehensive operation manuals are provided. This phase usually overlaps with the latter half of the Implementation and Deployment phase.

Continuous Process Improvement:

This is an iterative activity wherein metrics, usage experience, and emerging tools and technologies are evaluated to make cost-effective improvements to the deployed solution.

Benefits to Clients:
  1. The methodology can be applied to development, reengineering, or systems integration projects.
  2. The methodology can be equally applied to build or a buy & integrate solution It is scalable to small, midsize, or large engagements.
  3. Project deliverables are predictable and of high quality because well-documented procedures are followed.
  4. Engagements can be structured on a time-and-materials basis or as fixed-cost bids, to deliver a cost-effective solution.
  5. Work can be performed at the client-site or in Pegasus Knowledge Solutions facilities.
  6. We expertise in all six phases, or only in a subset of the phases, as per client needs.