DWH: Our Approach

Whether you are taking the top down or bottom up approach to Data Warehousing, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions is here to provide assistance. Our team will aggregate all the data from multiple sources in order to compare and analyse the data for more business insights. Data Warehouses are often hard to scale and require time and resources your staff may not have.


Data Architecture and Modelling:

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions can architect and develop models for your enterprise and Data Warehouse using industry-standard architecture frameworks and data modelling techniques.

Data Warehousing and ETL

We can help you deploy and manage data warehouses, ETL & Reporting solutions using industry-standard tools and technologies like Informatica, Datastage, Oracle, Cognos, Business Objects etc.

Database Management:

Our skilled IT Team members can provide database performance tuning, upgrades, ongoing maintenance and other services required to keep your data management infrastructure functioning flawlessly.

BI: Our Approach

Our BI leaders combine Analytics with Reporting tools for achieving insights from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sets. Our team will help you optimize and deploy custom and prebuilt Reporting Tools to help you identify customers, competitors, and market opportunities.

Business Insight:

While our core focus is technology enablement, many of our consultants have gained extensive experience in the application to analytics to several Industry segments including: Banking and other Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and Utilities.

Business Intelligence and Mobile Analytics:

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions provide services for deploying, leveraging and managing BI Enablement Solutions like Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion and Qlik Solutions.