Enterprise Mobility Services

It is expected that the US Mobile commerce market will reach $300 billion by 2020. The sudden explosion of Social Media channels has also opened exciting new vistas for the consumer and provides new opportunities for businesses to reach customers and open up untapped markets. Together, these new channels present a tremendous opportunity to our Customers for growth and competitive advantage.

Our consultants are actively engaged in helping our Customers respond to the needs of the mobile and social media marketplace. Our focus is to provide the technology expertise to help businesses take advantage of these new avenues to reach customers and increase revenues.

We provide real-world experience in the following areas

Go-To-Market Strategies:

We can help you refine and roll-out the technologies for deploying Mobile and Social Media applications.

Mobile Platform Development:

We can help you quickly develop and deploy mobile applications leveraging our Global Delivery services. We can help you buildmobile interfaces to your existing internal or customer-facing applications. In order to deal with the variety of mobile platforms in use (Android, RIM, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia) we can also help you adopt and manage a cross-platform ormulti-platform mobile development strategy, including use of 3rd Party Cross-Platform Development Platforms.

Mobile Application Testing:

In order to effectively meet time-to-market and response-time pressures our consultants can help you form an effective mobile application testing strategy. We can also provide just-in-time Mobile Application Testing services using our Global Delivery Model.

Social Media Interfaces:

It is increasingly important for businesses to reach and inform customers through Social Media platforms. Our experts can help you devise a Social Media strategy based on your business needs. We can help you build interfaces to Social Media Channels like Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter etc.