Bestshore Global Delivery Model

Our Customers need to stay domestically and globally competitive. The BestShore Global Delivery Model for IT Services provides a mechanism for our Customers to effectively harness the power of a global resource base to meet their IT Service needs within their constraints of budgets, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

The informed Customer today has a wide range of choices when selecting a partner for Global Delivery Services. Large providers of Outsourcing Services are constrained by rigid models that they must adhere to, in order to meet the revenue and profit expectations of their shareholders. In other words, their services are tailored to meet the needs of their own shareholders, and may not be aligned with the business needs of the customers that they service. Shareholder expectations may dictate the size of service engagements that large outsourcers will engage on, again limiting the choices that their customers have.

Our Global Delivery Service Model, BestShore, is built on the following tenets

Bestshore Methodology : The BestShore Methodology can be briefly described as follows

  1. Fit to project needs AND NOT to rigid methodology.
  2. Identify unique needs of project and tailor global delivery model based on Customer needs. To accomplish this, we right-size the resource blend for Customer: onsite (customer site), onshore (same country remote), and offshore.
  3. Deliver Value and Quality.
  4. Services are delivered in a Managed Operational Service Model, or a Systems Integration and Development Model.

The Delivery Model has the following phases :

Discovery :

We understand the factors driving the project as well as the constraints that govern it. This will include factors like budget, desired time windows of service, geographical proximity needs, intellectual property and data privacy constraints, workstation availability, etc.

Solutioning :

Based on a study of the business drivers and accompanying constraints and factors, a solution is proposed with a blend of onsite (Customer Site), offsite (other customer or Pegasus Knowledge Solutions locations), and offshore (Pegasus Knowledge Solutions and/ or Customer locations). Based on our analysis of Customer needs, the team may be decomposed into; Onsite Teams including Project Managers, Offshore liaisons, Team Leaders, Business Analysts, Onshore Teams at other customer locations or at Pegasus Knowledge Solutions locations, Offshore Teams at our offshore facility, or at offshore customer locations.

Delivery :

Service Delivery is then initiated based on our Service Delivery Methodologies